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Customer Relationship Management tool for Dashboards

eCRM makes even more powerful and multifaceted by allowing you to manage customer interactions and sales from your accounteCRM easily tracks deals, interactions, and prospects all from a dashboard.  

Improve existing relationships and acquire new customers sooner. Our easy-to-use tool is available as an app widget to be used with our eCRM template folder.  

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6 Board Types to Choose From

right from

  • Leads 
  • Accounts 
  • Contacts 
  • Deals 
  • Tasks
  • Meetings 
Eligeo's eCRM app for

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Custom Colours

Change the colours of your card and adjust what you can view on the mini card using the card design tab

Advanced Reporting

Use the information on the deals board within alternate widgets for reporting

Email Management

Use the newly released email management tool from to automatically track your emails

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Frequently Asked


Why can’t I assign people to records?

Only board owners can assign people when inside the widget. If you need to be able to assign people, ask the board owner to add you as an owner as well.

Why are my tasks and meetings not saving?

If you didn’t select these modules on initial setup the connection between them will be missing. Not to worry this can be fixed! If you go to the tasks and meetings boards from the template there are connect board columns. You will need to connect the right module to each column for leads, accounts, contacts, and deals by going to the column settings and selecting them.

I can see the information from my column, but why can’t I adjust it?

Certain column types do not allow for changes to be made inside of a widget. They include: Location, Progress bar, Auto Number, Item ID, Last Updated, Creation Log, Formula, and File columns. We suggest using an alternate at this time, such as text, if you would like to add or adjust information in the widget.