Software Solutions is the easiest and simplest project management tool in the world. It’s also the most flexible work platform that you can find as well. You can create a number of boards to suit the needs of your organization with ease.

Sugar offers sales automation, marketing automation, service desk and many more advanced analytical and collaboration tools. Sugar is the perfect platform to build a custom tailored business system without having to start from scratch.


With Eligeo’s Association Management Software for, business groups, professional associations, and BIA’s can simplify and automate tasks like membership registration, dues tracking, event management, and so much more.


eQuotes is the first quoting tool designed for sales professionals looking to make quick and easy quotes that they can send to their clients with a few clicks of a button all from within eQuotes is available for free.

eDigital Signatures

eDigital Signatures is an app for that integrates DocuSign directly into so you can easily track all of your DocuSign envelopes and quickly send out contracts to your clients. for Zendesk Sell

This app for Zendesk Sell allows you to associate a board or a list of items with any Lead, Contact, Company or Deal directly inside of Zendesk Sell.  Sales people can now see what activities are happening on related projects.


eCRM makes even more powerful and multifaceted by allowing you to manage customer interactions and sales from your account. eCRM easily tracks deals, interactions, and prospects all from a dashboard.


eMaps is an easy-to-use route planning tool built specifically for This advanced add-on includes several features including range-based and order-based trip planning. The best part is that it works within!


Eligeo’s eTexts app for allows you to connect your Twilio account to send and track texts to your contacts within the app. Add the integration to any board with a phone number column and start texting.

Industry Solutions


Not all CRM's are created equal but we create unique ones for our clients in the construction industry. Whether managing the tender process, project management or resource management - our systems shine. We also work with a number of trades to help them take advantage of tools to quickly close estimates and track work delivery.

Business Consultants

As a business consultant ourselves, we know what it takes to have the right CRM to manage incoming sales flow while also ensuring our resources are scheduled to ensure the highest quality of services for our clients. We help other consultants do the same with their CRM and project management tools.


We work with a number of private organizations to deliver education based software solutions including portals for support staff and CRM functionality. We also work closely with Universities and Colleges to help them manage their workflows and student in take programs.

Non-Profit / NGO

Our non-profit organizations are some of our most popular case studies due to their uniqueness of adopting CRM but not for selling. We've created a number of solutions to allow non-profits manage their donors, constituents or manage complex workflows through the use of custom portals and solutions.


We work with a number of organizations in the Financial sector including service providers (FinTech), advisors and consultants that work with clients. CRM solutions are the most commonly requested options with service delivery and tracking not far behind it.


We work with a number of different types of manufacturing companies but they all are looking for a simplified CRM system to enable their sales teams to sell more. We also help them build out systems to track their manufacturing processes either through CRM or a combination of project management tools and CRM.

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