A Dynamic Field Management Solution for monday.com

Revolutionize your operations, streamlining task management seamlessly from assignment to finalization.

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eFieldConnect delivers a seamless workflow experience, offering comprehensive task management, customizable worker assignments, scheduled notifications, status mapping, and versatile worker management capabilities, all synchronized effortlessly between platforms.

monday.com App competition winner for best in CRM category

North American winner for the best solution at 2023 Partner Elevate Conference


$10USD / User / Month

eFieldConnect includes a 14-day free trial

Connect with mobile workers in real time!

eFieldConnect, a dynamic field management solution, facilitates seamless coordination of tasks with field workers who lack access to monday.com or similar project management platforms. This versatile tool can operate independently or integrate seamlessly within the comprehensive Eligeo Field Service Management bundle application.

This is what our clients used to experience before eFieldConnect:

How it helps:

Construction Workers or Trades: Utilize a streamlined web-based app link to annotate, capture images, and archive data effortlessly.

Inspections: Seamlessly allocate inspections to auditors or inspectors via text message for prompt action.

Delivery Drivers: Assign deliveries to drivers via text, enabling them to efficiently receive and mark completion of tasks on their delivery roster.

Why monday.com teams love it:

Comprehensive Board View and Mobile Dashboard for Workers: Allows users to add a comprehensive board view to any board in monday.com, enabling task dispatching. Tasks can be assigned to workers using email or SMS messages.

Task Assignment via Email or SMS and Notifications: Workers have a mobile dashboard view to see all tasks assigned to them. Users can schedule specific times to send task notifications or send them immediately.

Task Recall and Updates: Tasks can be recalled from workers if needed. Updates can be allowed on sent tasks, enabling conversations between workers and administrators.

Status Mapping: Ability to map statuses from eFieldConnect to statuses in monday.com for further automations.

Worker Management: Workers can be added directly from monday.com using a custom board view, and also managed within the Eligeo eApp Portal.

Integrations: Easily integrate a variety of applications including monday.com.

Custom Forms and Views: Admins can create custom forms and views for workers. Set forms to read-only after submission, with email notifications.

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