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eText for

Transform Your SMS Communication

Seamless SMS Integration: Bring the power of SMS to Send and receive SMS messages directly from the platform. This integration eliminates the need for multiple communication systems.

Real-Time Tracking and Management: All messages sent and received through eTexts are tracked in real-time and time-stamped, enabling users to easily manage their SMS communication. The sender of each message is also recorded, providing a clear overview of communication.

Holistic Communication Management: eTexts provides a holistic approach to communication management, allowing users to keep all of their communications in one place. This centralized system enables users to easily manage and track their communication, leading to improved productivity and efficiency.

eCRM for

Easy to use CRM add-on for views

Streamlined Customer Management: Manage customer interactions, sales, deals, and prospects in one centralized space. Eliminate the need for multiple systems and improve overall productivity.

Seamless Tracking and Communication: Track all customer interactions and communication in real time. Tasks, meetings, calls, and communication are all tracked seamlessly, enabling you to easily manage customer relationships.

Customizable and Integrative: eCRM is fully integrated with‘s framework and is available as an app widget that can be used with our eCRM template folder. The app is customizable, with a configurable templated board to set up your widget and a customizable card design to change color and filter fields. Additionally, eCRM is also compatible with GeoQuotes. 

eConstruction for Solution built for General Contractors & Trades

Champion Accountability: Every person on your team knows who is accountable for which tasks, and has visible direction on dates, updates and notifications. These can be read via a computer, tablet, or phone—so your team always gets the message loud and clear—no matter where they are.

Keep Budgets On Track: Answer every financial question needed to run a successful construction business while also making sure redundant tasks like payments, payroll, estimates, bids, responses and invoices are automated. Keep the money flowing and the data accurate but do half the work.

Help With The Click Of A Button: Forget email and discover the power of forms. Create a custom form that gets sent once to your pool of talent once. Receive all your responses in one place you can quickly choose the best candidate for the job and send a reply to the others letting them know that the position has been filled.

eAssociation Management Software

Simplify and automate membership & association management

Effortless Event Creation and Synchronization: Create Events within eAMS and synchronize them with the world’s leading event platform, Eventbrite.

Efficient Event Registration and Tracking: Create paid and free events with Eventbrite and track all registrations within eAMS and associated with member profiles.

Complete Association & Membership management: eAMS provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you manage your association and membership. 

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