Pick your platform is the easiest and simplest project management tool in the world.  It’s also the most flexible work platform that you can find as well.  You can create a number of boards to suit the needs of your organization with ease.

The world’s first fully integrated Customer Experience platform.  Sugar offers sales automation, marketing automation, service desk and many more advanced analytical and collaboration tools.  Sugar is the perfect platform to build a custom tailored business system without having to start from scratch.

Zendesk brings together all of the most essential business tools including products such as Support, Sell, Chat, Reach and many more.  All of these tools integrate seamlessly together in one unique package.

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Eligeo is known for our consulting services.  One of our unique traits is that we spend quality time before a project to really understand the issue or opportunity that you are facing.  The blueprint plan that we collectively build together helps us take you into implementation.

For over 12-years, we’ve delivered CRM solutions to clients all over the world.  Our implementation services are focused around both a comprehensive project plan that all begins with a Starter Kit.

Every client is a bit different in terms of implementation.  We will work closely with you to make sure you get the right solution the first time.

Eligeo offers a number of comprehensive training packages to help get your team started with your desired platform.  All platforms that we support we are also fully trained on.  We also offer custom training options and curriculum developmnet.

The #1 reason our clients love is, is because we offer something no other consulting partner offers: Unlimited Support for a monthly flat fee.  All of our platforms we offer full help desk that you or your entire team can utilize.  No reason to spend excessive dollars on internal support teams when you have the experts available at your fingertips.

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