Support Packages so that you don't have to worry about the help desk

Eligeo offers several levels of support packages to make sure that CRM users are never left out in the cold. Not only do you get access to Certified CRM staff but you also have access to consultants, programmers, trainers and project managers to make sure your CRM implementation continues to grow.

What’s including with Unlimited CRM Support?

Unlimited CRM Support includes any support or training configuration for your CRM.  Essentially, anything that is considered normal use of your CRM is included with your support package.  Custom work, programming, business analysis and project management are examples that are not typically part of Unlimited CRM Support.

What are response times?

All of our support packages include a service level response time or otherwise known as a service level agreement.  We will respond and acknowledge all requests within that time period and most of the time we’ll also resolve the issue or request as well.

Why wouldn’t I just hire someone internally?

Although some of our clients do this, they also retain us as the main help desk.  Our team is laser focused on improving and learning CRM every single day.  It’s all we work on so we know most of the issues as well as the tips and tricks to help clients get the most out of their CRM’s.

Also, you’re not just hiring 1 person with Eligeo, you’re hiring our entire team.  No matter the issue, someone on our team has the skill set to resolve the issue.

How do I send requests to you? Can my users?

Yes and yes!  Your users can contact us and can do so by sending an email to our support email address.

Sometimes we also create that forwards all requests directly to us.  Our team then takes care of the rest.