Starter Kits to get you going quickly and easily

We’ve been doing this for awhile and it’s why we’ve come up with Starter Kits to help organizations get started quickly with CRM or marketing automation. Our Starter Kits are designed for organizations starting out with 10-users or up to 500-users.

We can
import your data!

Eligeo Business Solutions has built a number of custom apps and integrations for to help you get the most out of  Our Starter Kits also include the option to import data using our proprietary tools that we have exclusive access to.


Our approach is simple and it works every time.

Eligeo has for over 13 years delivered an exceptional experience for our clients to help them make the most out of their CRM systems.

Stakeholder Interviews

We spend plenty of time to make sure we get your system configured the way you need it setup. Time and planning is given to make sure we get the details right with the right people.

Requirements & Process

We don’t just dive right into the building of your system. We spend the time to truly understand how your organization operates so that we can ensure that we setup your system the right way for your business.

Process Mapping & Workflows

Our more advanced consulting services including process modelling and actually creating a detail process map depicting how your processes look before we ever get into configuring your system.

Data Import & Migration

We have a number of efficient ways to map your existing data from existing systems into your new system with ease and little pain. You can be running in your new system from day 1.

Training & Go Live

Once we’ve built the right solution for your organization, we’re going to make sure you and your team get the right training, the right follow up’s and branded video’s to take away to make sure you’re set for the future.