Our Approach

Eligeo Business Solutions is dedicated to delivering high quality solutions that addresses the critical problem areas that businesses are encountering.  Our approach has been developed over our 10+ years to ensure that our small to medium sized businesses can quickly deploy solutions and address nagging issues quickly and efficiently.

Free Initial Consult & Discovery

We’ve always done it this way.  If you’re not sure if Eligeo is a fit for your business, then spend an hour with our team to get a better understanding of what we can do to help you.  We want to make sure there is a fit as much as you do. This phase is our way of getting a high level understanding of your business issues to see if there is a fit for us to help you solve those problems.  Eligeo offers a number of business software solutions to solve the most complex business problems.

  • Review some of our products including SugarCRM, monday.com, Salesforce, DocuSign, QuickBooks, custom applications and others.
  • Understanding the challenges and risks
  • Understanding your goals and objectives
  • Generate a preliminary hypothesis and approach
  • High level costing and understanding of what it might take to meet your goals

Assessment & Strategy

When you are undertaking complex projects, it’s important to spend time up front to determine the viability of the change that the solutions could bring to your organization.  Our approach includes comprehensive Business Assessment workshops as well as more specific CRM Strategy sessions.  These workshops offer a good insight into how we may be able to accomplish the goals of your business through a number of sessions.

  • Executive & Stakeholder involvement
  • Review of existing business processes
  • Review of all existing internal documentation and procedures
  • Development of detailed workflows and diagrams depicting the processes within the organization
  • Development of a complete project plan and blue print for change

Execution & Implementation

The most critical part of our projects is the execution and implementation phase.  During our assessment and strategy sessions, we’ve developed the blue print to make things happen.  During this phase our whole team gets involved to help deliver on the blue print that we’ve developed together.  During the execution and implementation phase you will be working closely with our project manager to help you through every stage of the implementation to ensure that it is smooth, accurate and exactly what you wanted.  We work out the kinks and the issues that pop up so that you can worry about getting your team ready for the positive change that is coming.  Eligeo practices a modified agile scrum methodology to all of our projects.

  • Formal project is established and a kick off date is scheduled
  • Software is purchased and installed as needed depending on the products required
  • Integrations are developed, tested and implemented
  • Test and development environments are setup so that you can try things out
  • Full quality assurance is applied to all work developed
  • Client involvement critical as we deliver different phases of the project

Change Management

Change can be hard for some staff members, no matter how good the solution is.  Our approach includes having our team work as change agents with our clients for a number of years to ensure that staff feel involved, appreciated and don’t feel like they are being left behind.  Change also requires that you are prepared with training, documentation, guides and communication.  Our team will work with you to ensure that you put in place the necessary things that are required to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Communications with staff impacted by change
  • Development of internal cheat sheets and documentation that can impact the roll out
  • Development of a comprehensive training program and on-boarding program for your team
  • Working with all team members to help increase buy-in

Go Live, Training & Roll out

The big day arrives.  The roll out is beginning.  Sometimes these things can be as little as a day or spread out over a period of time depending on the complexity of the software and the size of the organization.  This is where the system is being turned on into production, legacy systems are turned off and the staff are trained on the way of doing things.

  • Activation of your production systems and/or adding them to your existing system setup
  • Training your staff on how to use the new solutions
  • Continuing a number of Change Management activities
  • Check points to ensure success

On-Going Support

We are never far away.  We’re your partner in this whole adventure to bringing efficiency and effectiveness to your business systems.  Many clients choose to purchase support services or they put us on a regular retainer for a variety of support options that we offer.  Once the initial go live has occurred, this may even be the first step of many that will occur in your blue print approach and strategy.  No matter what, Eligeo has your back.

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