SugarCRM is your platform for connecting the dots.

Eligeo Business Solutions specializes in helping businesses create custom integrations using SugarCRM. Instead of developing applications from scratch you can create apps that meet the requirements of your business.  Using a platform like Sugar also reduces your overall project costs as many of the features that businesses require are out of the box with Sugar.

Customer Portals

The future is now and with SugarCRM we can create customer portals that tie directly into your CRM.  This allows for you to select what a customer can update in your CRM.  This also allows you to take your relationships to the next level.


Eligeo Business Solutions has created custom applications that allow seamless integration between SugarCRM and DocuSign.  Your sales teams can easily enter the requirement information for a client in Sugar.  They can then simply click send with DocuSign to send all of the data over for digital signature.

QuickBooks & ERP

CRM Consultant - QuickBooks
The most common integration for SugarCRM is the accounting system.  Eligeo Business Solutions has customized a number of implementations for QuickBooks and other ERP systems.  Whether you want visibility into inventory for your sales teams or a full integration, we can help.

Sugar hooks into everything

Our team of consultants can help you with integrations.  SugarCRM offers the ability to integrate with most applications that offer a connector.  Whether you’re looking into marketing automation, telephony or other specific integrations, we have the solutions for you.