CRM Implementation

Your CRM starts here with a simplified approach to CRM Implementation.

Eligeo has been providing CRM implementation services for over 10 years to over 250+ clients across Western Canada.  We’ve perfected the way we deliver these solutions so that you can get up and running quickly.

Unlimited CRM Support

We are so confident in our delivery of our CRM solutions that we back it up with Unlimited CRM Support for all CRM Starter Kits.

You can also get Unlimited CRM Support from our help desk as part of a regular Managed Service package in addition to CRM Starter Kits.  We are unique in our industry where we offer this service.

Our approach is simple and it works every time.

We’ve been doing this for awhile and it’s why we’ve come up with CRM Starter Kits to help organizations get started quickly with CRM or marketing automation. Our Starter Kits are designed for organizations starting out with 10-users or up to 500-users.

With CRM Starter Kits, we spend plenty of time to make sure we get your CRM configured the way you need it setup. Time and planning is given to make sure we get the details right with the right people.

We’ll sort out the details of building a predictable project plan that can help you prepare your team for a successful transition to a new CRM system.

With your requirements in hand from our workshops and interviews, we will prepare your CRM for primetime. This includes customizing the system, optimizing it for use and testing every aspect of it.

The goal of making your CRM project successful is to ensure that when your users start using the CRM, everything is ready to go. We’ll help you scrub, organize and clean up your data so that it’s ready to go into the CRM system.

All of our CRM Starter Kits have customized training for your organization. Each CRM implementation that we do is highly customized for our client. We ensure that training and go live are coordinated with the launch to ensure success.

Pricing Options

We’ve already thought through the complexities of deploying a CRM in your business.