Consulting Services

to help you achieve the results you need

Whether you’re looking to rescue your CRM or implement a brand new implementation – we’re ready to help you succeed.

Blueprint & Strategy

It's one thing to implement technology. It's another to rely on the experts who have been there through the technical details as well as the leadership it takes to structure a strategy that properly executes your plan for success.

CRM Starter Kits

Most of our partner clients start off their implementation with a CRM Starter Kit. This is the first step in starting their journey in rolling out a CRM for their organization. Complex enough but simple enough to launch.

Custom Software

Whether you're looking for custom portals or advanced programming for your CRM - we can help with our certified engineers who can help you achieve what you need out of your CRM solution.

What is a Blueprint?

An in-depth look at your organization is the starting point for any successful CRM implementation. We offer a comprehensive 1-week engagement to assess your organization from a sales and marketing perspective to help you establish a blue print for your organization.

Executive & Stakeholder Meetings

High-level objective and goal setting meetings are a critical aspect of our strategic sessions with executive and key stakeholders.

Current State Analysis

In-depth overview of how things are working today and what challenges you are working to overcome.

Future State Development

Development of how the future will look like and what technologies can be applied to address the goals and objectives of the organization.

Strategic Plan & Path Forward

As part of our deliverable package, we will also include a comprehensive strategic approach along with a detailed project plan with fixed costs.

Complete Blueprint

We deliver a complete blueprint is what we deliver at the end of the engagement. A detailed overview of how to succeed with your technology transformation from adhoc to optimized sales and marketing technology.

Strategy & Consulting

You may find out quickly enough that implementing a sophisticated CRM solution isn’t as easy as the CRM vendors make it out to be. It’s not entirely their fault either. Software can be powerful for a business but it needs to be implemented correctly to reap the rewards that it can offer. Our team is well versed in developing extensive strategic plans to help you execute your vision.