Interested in joining Eligeo CRM’s work force of the future?

In 2013, Eligeo CRM made our first attempt to become a Results Oriented Workplace Environment using a lot of the methodologies that companies such as Best Buy and Yahoo! used for their organizations.  After a short experiment we decided to go back to the drawing board and then we took inspiration from companies like Zapier and Buffer, two very prominent and successful web companies, and proceeded to embrace the future.

Canadian company embracing the world

In 2016, we closed down our Vancouver and Calgary offices so that we could be “all in” with remote work for our staff and customers.  When we attempted it 3-years earlier we didn’t do that but realizing the success of other organizations we were able to launch and successfully implement a strategy that our staff can work from anywhere or any way.

“We want to attract the best talent while giving them the work / life balance that they deserve.  With our remote work strategy everybody is happier, there are less sick days and our customers are noticing a higher level of service as a result.  Over the next 10-years there will a greater shift in employees requesting work from home strategies and companies will need to adapt to this.  We’ve already done it.”

Derek Major

Founder, Eligeo CRM

Where's my office?

All of our employees can either work from home or from a location of their choosing as long as it meets the standards of having reliable Internet access, quiet environments for customer conference calls and a comfortable space for the employee to get their work done.

Where are staff located?

Eligeo CRM still has mostly a Canadian staff based in Vancouver, Calgary and Ontario.  In early 2016, we started bringing on team members from the United States to handle our operations outside of Canada.  When we hire staff we now share our job posts across North America rather than a single geography.

What about in-person meetings?

Eligeo CRM conducts regular meetings with staff over video conference, however we still want to make it so that staff can meet each other in person.  Although there are cost savings in real estate, we now spend more on travel than ever before.  Each year Eligeo CRM holds 2 company conference retreats to bring the team together for business meetings and team building.

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