Project Management: The Top 6 Features of

Project Management: The Top 6 Features of is a project management and collaboration software platform designed to help teams plan, execute and deliver complex projects on time.

An exhaustive cross-sectional analysis of recent online customer reviews was performed and the results are synthesized below to provide a quick summary.

1. Improves Project Management Efficiency & Productivity’s inbox doubles as a virtual to-do list to keep you on task. It serves as a reminder of what needs to be done. The progress status for each team member’s task completion is visible to the entire team which keeps everyone accountable to one another.

The project management platform eliminates the need for lengthy email chains. It is great for inter-departmental communications and staying in touch with remote team members. Information is accessible to everyone in the company and easy to access – requesting an update can be sent with one click.

Streamlined workflow processes increase productivity and boost morale.You can automate processes for better efficiency and you rarely need to contact customer support because the platform is so easy to use.

2. Customizable, Adaptive & Flexible Project Management

As your business evolves, it’s easy to adapt using You can tailor the project management software to meet the unique needs of your business, and the boards can be customized for specific projects.

You can change the perspective on a project with a variety of different views to help you visualize project data and make boards visible to the entire company or private. There are layouts and settings for every kind of business, and it’s easy to integrate into most CRM platforms.

3. User-Friendly is so simple to use that any team member, no matter how junior, can pick up the basics with little training required. Because it is so visual and intuitive, it is a good project management software choice if you have employees who don’t speak English as their first language.

Features are positioned logically which makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Drag and drop features speed up operations and assigning tasks for projects is simple as well. Setting up projects, timelines, teams and tasks, adding and removing team members and monitoring task progress are all very easy to do. You can also tag supporting materials to a specific user.

Project Management Software

4. Great Design

Navigation is smooth with a great-looking graphical user interface. The workload tasks are easy to see, and colour-coded status columns allow you to track progress at a glance. is so simple, clean and visually appealing that employees are likely to embrace it at first sight. Most people pick up the basics in minutes, even those who are not techno-savvy.

5. Excellent Customer Support

Customer service is readily available on a variety of channels and is very responsive. When you ask a question, you get a response quickly. The friendly online support team will walk you through any issues that may arise. is responsive to customer feedback and releases new features all the time that address the needs expressed by users. They take feedback seriously and work on improvements constantly. There are many webinars/tutorials available online.

6. Affordable doesn’t charge extra for each separate feature, unlike some other project management platforms. Their prices are competitive and affordable for small businesses. There are free trials available on their website.

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