Personalized Solution For – How We Paint & Renovate Inc. Got Their Own Unified Process

Personalized Solution For - How We Paint & Renovate Inc. Got Their Own Unified Process

With growth come new challenges. Jason Gonzalez, owner, and team lead of We Paint & Renovate Inc., needed to find a personalized solution for their instance, not only to fix existing operational problems but also to avoid potential issues in a rapidly growing painting and remodeling company.

We Paint & Renovate Inc. has been running for nearly 19 years, with year-on-year growth, thanks to Jason’s exceptional leadership, 30+ years of experience, and a great team behind him.

But there were growing concerns around scheduling conflicts and several other communication-related issues when dealing with increasingly demanding customers.

“We didn’t want to keep duplicating our notes, updating each other’s calendars, or have the inefficient and constant back and forth between customers and team members,” Jason told Nathan Peterson, Eligeo’s certified expert and Technical Support Analyst.

After a month of using the new, custom CRM solution, Jason shared his experience with the Eligeo team.

The ‘True Craftsmen’ of Northern California

Over the last 18+ years, We Paint & Renovate Inc. has been a predominant painting and remodeling contractor in Northern California. As of August 2022, the company has 40 full-time employees.

We Paint’s commitment to its customers is indisputable. Shortcuts are never an option. “We care about our customers and our community.” Jason explained, “and we are building a business that is going to be around for generations”.

“No Robot Can Replace a Painter” – The Challenge

Painting and remodeling are extremely personal business industries. All contractors must be on top of the operations and manage customer interactions, from the first hello to the final nice-doing-business-with-you. Jason summed it up.

With a rapidly growing client base, We Paint’s commitment to providing professional work and excellent customer service at affordable rates was getting stretched and tested on new levels. The company faced scheduling conflicts and overlapping tasks, and customer requests, follow-ups, and inquiries fell through the cracks.

An Almost Futile Search

After redesigning its processes, We Paint needed a personalized solution to streamline and automate its process where possible so the team could focus on the core business.

“Close to 95% of all paint and contracting businesses in North America had 10 or fewer employees,” Jason informed us. “Many of them are not office people,” he explained. “We belong to that 5%, and we have a lot of office people.”

Due to his vast experience in the industry, Jason understood that managing customer relations would be much easier, quicker, and more efficient through a CRM solution. But he couldn’t find the perfect fit, and due to budget constraints, developing one from scratch was out of the question.

There was really nothing out there that suited us, other than the custom ones made by paid contractors who would spend so much money developing them,” he explained.

Getting was the first step for the company. However, is generally designed to work across industries and sectors. is now one of the most popular project management systems and work OS, but it may feel short of functionalities for certain use cases. Luckily the work OS often allows for customizations to fit a particular industry or specific use cases.

We Paint needed a more customized solution for their board. Thanks to Jason’s leadership and long experience, he contacted Eligeo’s implementation and CRM solution-building services.

Developing & Implementing Successful Automations – The Solution

As Jason had quickly learned, finding the right CRM solution for We Paint & Renovate Inc. wasn’t going to be as straightforward as he’d imagined. “We really looked out there. We searched high and dry,” Jason informed Eligeo.

Not even the more prominent technology providers in the niche could provide a suitable solution, not without requiring We Paint to “take up some of the other stuff like invoicing and all.” Jason discovered.

Eligeo got down to building the solution, with Nathan Peterson, Eligeo’s Implementation Manager, as the point man. Nathan built and implemented almost 25 automations for the company, which are now successfully excelling at eliminating all the pain points.

The automations include the ones set up to remind them to send a text to a customer, when a painting job is coming up when they haven’t heard from a client, and several other automations that would have previously required manual inputs and execution. All the automations now successfully running on We Paint’s boards.

10 Times More Efficiency – The Impact

The impact of the personalized solution was almost instantaneous. We Paint no longer had to spend a great deal of time managing the nitty gritty details of every individual customer and the specific jobs. “The solution has made our driven process at least 10 times more efficient, hands down!” Jason observed.

But it’s not just the operations and processes that now run smoothly. The customers are already experiencing the impact of the solution. Many of them now appreciate the company’s new operations. “Oh, I really like that I get those texts and reminders. That’s really nice,” a customer recently told Jason.

With more time on their hands, team members at We Paint can now focus on the most critical aspects of the business. This means more business, more sales, happier customers, and a more fulfilling work experience.

Developing A Personalized Solution – The Eligeo Experience

One of Eligeo’s most important values is “to provide calm to the client’s business”. Thanks to our unique and hands-on development process, Nathan got down to work at once, establishing an immediate rapport with the client as is customary with all ‘Eligeans.’

Nathan, and his crazy-colored room, were both great! We just gave him several details and a bunch of notes about what we wanted, and he got started right from the first meeting,” Jason remarked.

The We Paint staff adopted and implemented the solution in record time, and with hardly any issues. The key staff members were engaged throughout the development process and hardly required any training.

We already understood a lot about the system. We felt confident running the system,” Rob Snyder We Paint & Renovate Inc.’s Operations Manager, explained.

Jason Gonzalez concluded the interview by saying “Give Nathan a pat on the back for us. When we come to Canada, we’ll definitely take Nathan out for dinner.”

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