Personalized Implementation – How KSI Cuisine Solutions Streamlined Communications

Personalized Implementation - How KSI Cuisine Solutions Streamlined Communications

The kitchen renovation process needs to be handled with care and delicacy. Each little step from the beginning to the end contributes to how the end product is going to look.

KSI, located in Montreal, is a well-known kitchen renovation expert, providing services to the local community.  With a team of about 20 people, KSI Cabinetry was facing challenges in managing project-related & operational processes, and communication, prompting them to look for a solution.  

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your business operations, keep reading to learn more about KSI’s story to find out how they overcame the challenge of departmental silos. 

The Hurdle

One of the primary challenges that KSI Cabinetry faced was difficulty managing and tracking leads. KSI wanted the ability to track the stage of leads and the performance of campaigns. Additionally, with multiple departments, including Sales, Project Management, and Accounting, KSI required a solution that would allow for effective communication and information sharing between departments. 

The Solution

Eligeo’s implementation focussed on executing and optimizing the CRM workflow inside, which included configuration and training with GeoQuotes, led by Eligeo’s Product Support Specialist, Kathy Taheri. The solution involved setting up multiple boards on that catered to the needs of different departments. For example, the Sales department could track the status of leads, while the Project Management department could monitor the progress of projects. Furthermore, the Accounting department could keep track of invoices and payments. By having separate boards for each department, KSI could streamline their processes and enhance communication between departments. 

The Biggest Advantage 

“Cooperation between different departments, using, all departments can easily share information and they can easily find what they need because kitchen projects have so many processes – delivery, sales, payment, accounts receivable, installation – the custom implementation solved this by sharing one item across teams and streamlined communication while also lowering the cost of operating for us.” – Kanxi Mao, COO, KSI Cuisine Solutions 

The Experience

By implementing a custom solution, KSI Cuisine Solutions was able to streamline their processes, enhance communication between departments, and reduce operating costs. The solution provided by Eligeo allowed KSI to effectively manage and track leads. “I’m impressed with not just the implementation but also the sales part of your organization. I’m very impressed by his (Eligeo’s Implementation Manager Hossein’s) work. He understood all my requirements right away, he’s very professional. He knows the system and so does Kevin (Eligeo’s Sales team lead).” Kanxi Mao, KSI

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