SugarCRM Consulting

Market, Sell and Service
with your customers

SugarCRM is the provider of the platform that makes the hard things easier, for marketing, sales, and service. For too long, companies have been stuck with high-maintenance CRMs that require too much manual entry to be useful or offer too little functionality to actually get the job done. It’s time to let the platform do the work. And that means three things: no blind spots, no busy work, and no roadblocks. Only SugarCRM brings this approach to achieving high-definition customer experience.

Improve marketing effectiveness

by executing the right marketing strategy

Prospect and Customer Targeting

Achieve higher conversion rates and deeper prospect engagement by executing targeted, personalized campaigns using segmented target lists.

Campaign Management

Execute multi-channel, multi-touch campaigns with Sugar’s intuitive Campaign Management, and track every action and conversion across email, text, in-person events, or even via social media. Measure campaign effectiveness with rich dashboards and closed-loop tracking with leads through sales opportunity conversions.

Acquire, Qualify and Convert Leads more effectively

Lead management

Quickly identify and track your hottest leads From multiple campaigns. Turn over the leads to sales seamlessly For Faster lead to opportunity conversion.

Lead routing

Define and automate processes that work best for your business. Visually design automation to route and track lead progress.

Sales campaigns

Create, execute and track sales campaigns across multiple channels. Develop compelling email marketing programs and easily capture leads From your website.

Help your sales people close more deals

Account and contact management

Get a complete view of your customers and prospects across the entire customer lifecycle to deliver the right impact in every conversation, based on their role and personal preference.

Opportunity management

Increase your sales win rate by focusing on the right opportunities and prioritizing activities For each individual customer. Capture all pertinent details across the entire sales and customer life cycle. Promote best practices. Stay engaged with easy access to information across any device.

Quote Management

Improve quote accuracy and efficiency via drag-and-drop based quotations and easily send to customers electronically. Sell globally with multi-currency support – Work within your preferred currency while accommodating your customer’s choice within the same quote proposal.

Sales collaboration

Make use of the tribal knowledge across your whole organization. Easily identify and connect with experts across your organization. Enable discussions in the context of accounts, contacts and opportunities that are easily cross-referenced in the future. Increase knowledge sharing by allowing individuals to classify information in a manner that makes sense to them.

Sales Forecasting

Create more accurate and predictable forecasts and track pipeline changes. Coach to success based on early insights on Factors affecting pipeline. Implement the right sales strategy to drive quota attainment.