Optimizing Your Sales Process – GeoQuotes 2.2

GeoQuotes 2.2

We know first-hand how crucial it is to have a smooth, glitch-free sales process to seal sales deals successfully. That’s why we developed and continue to improve GeoQuotes, our flagship sales quoting tool that has refreshed quote and invoice creation.

Your favorite sales quoting tool is more flexible and dynamic (thanks to the feedback you provided on version 2.1), with new functionalities to help you craft those winning sales quotes and proposals.

We are excited to announce the newest version, GeoQuotes 2.2, which is already available for download on the monday.com platform or, as a standalone app. It’s lighter and faster and comes with six new updates to make your sales process even smoother.

Latest Features

Use .DOCX templates

You can now upload and use .DOCX templates inside GeoQuotes’ standalone version. Import your favorite quoting templates rather than recreating new ones from scratch.

Product Customization

There’s now more flexibility in crafting your sales proposals and quotes. You can now customize the products already inside your quotes to suit specific customers or prospects.

Discounts Feature

Everyone loves discounts! You can now add discounts to individual product items on your quote.

Add Product Images to Show in Your Product Description

Create more visual and compelling quotes by adding images within product descriptions.

Digital Signatures

No more confusion. You can now affix digital signatures to your quotes as a seal of approval.

Direct Downloads

You can now download quotes from the quote list (standalone version) with a simple click.

One Powerful App, Two Ways to Experience it

We have always endeavored to make GeoQuotes more dynamic and to have a variety of use cases for sales professionals across many industries. You can get the full quoting and invoicing experience within the monday.com platform. GeoQuotes 2.2 runs on the latest and the most advanced template engine on monday.com.

We love your feedback!

Share any thoughts and suggestions you may have on what would make your quoting experience even better. Any features you’d like to see in the app?
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