No-Code: The Future of App Development

No-Code: The Future of App Development

The no-code solution, as the name indicates is the method of building applications without writing a single line of code. The drag-and-drop pre-configured blocks empower non-technical users. They can easily create enterprise-grade applications without IT assistance. The no-code platform has managed to remove programming as the barrier between ideas and solutions. It provides easy-to-use yet powerful tools for end-to-end application development. No-code platforms like Creatio, leverage technology to empower the ability of humans to innovate, rather than impede it. 

By 2025, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies, up from less than 25% in 2020 – Gartner 

Top 5 Reasons to Choose No-Code App Development 

While there are several benefits of no-code, we have curated the top five for you. 

1. You can supercharge your customer experience 

Modern customers are looking for seamless service. One minor slip and they are off in flash. The pressure can keep you up late at night. But here is the good thing. No-code platforms empower organizations to build applications faster and more efficiently. This means your customers will stick with you for a longer time. 

2. You can accelerate time to market and enhance efficiency 

With no-code platforms, you can turn your citizen developers into magicians! How? Features like drag-and-drop UI/UX designers, business rule editors, composable applications, and templates enable users to spin up sophisticated applications in less than a few hours.  

“Right now, we have over 300 automations running between 105,000 to 120,000 jobs a month…we save about 6,500 human hours a month. That is efficiency for you” – Stanley Toh, Head of Enterprise End-user Services & Experience, Broadcom 

According to 451 Research, low-code platforms can cut 50%-90% of development time when compared to a coding language. It might not be magic but the results will definitely leave you in awe.  

3. You can lower your risk and increase ROI 

Namu Travel Group achieved a 271% ROI in 4 months of deployment! And so can you. No-code platform/low-code platform makes it easier to bring down the production cost. A simple and intuitive “drag-and-drop” feature reduces complex aspects of app development. This eliminates the need to reach out to the IT team and gives more control over the project scope. A better focus on project goals minimizes risk and misalignment costs between IT and business teams. 

4. You can bridge the gap between ideas and innovation 

Imagine meeting growth targets, expanding into new areas, or delivering ahead of schedule. Isn’t it surreal? Turning your imagination into reality is now possible with low-code/no-code.  

“Low-code/no-code technologies are helping organizations of all sizes meet the digital transformation challenge, putting tools in the hands of business users to automate and innovate” – Rebecca Wettemann, Tech industry analyst and thought leader, CEO at VALOR 

Business users can build custom apps swiftly and flexibly without requiring coding expertise. 

5. You don’t need a huge team to build one application 

The coolest part of working on a no-code platform – you need only one person to build an application in a matter of hours. A talented citizen developer would get everything in place. Without you having to spend your money on a professional developer. Furthermore, the in-house IT experts can have more time to focus on more demanding tasks. 

Thanks to Creatio, Your Ideas Will Take Flight 

Creatio is a Gartner and Forrester-recognized industry tech leader. It focuses on helping organizations automate workflows without a line of code. The award recognizes Creatio’s marketing automation capabilities. It also focuses on assisting enterprises in driving corporate growth and agility with no code. 

Creatio distinguishes itself by providing an extensive set of tools for automating client-facing and operational business tasks including automating customized customer experiences, orchestrating operations across several departments, and improving employee efficiency.  

Unique advantages of using Creatio no-code platform: 

  1. Save time by cutting the application development duration by half or even less 
  1. Accelerate operations by reducing monotonous, routine tasks. It leaves employees free to focus on strategic work 
  1. Experience better app success rate due to clarity of app requirements and usage 
  1. Meet market demands by implementing new technologies at a faster rate 
  1. Enjoy cost savings of up to 80% by saving hiring expenditure on additional resources 
  1. Adapt quickly to ever-changing customer and market demands 
  1. Create powerful apps to automate sales, marketing, and service CRM workflows without coding 

No-code is the future of application development

No-code is the future of application development and there is no denying it. Organizations have realized that they can boost their productivity with much less effort. And with that kind of success, who would wish to go back to traditional coding? No-code tools continue to deliver apps at high speed.  

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