NEW! Words Ignite Workflows with monday workdocs

NEW! Words Ignite Workflows with monday workdocs

Gone are the days for switching between platforms to collaborate on documents. Meet the newest addition to’s unified Work OS: monday workdocs. monday workdocs gives document collaboration a whole new meaning by turning words into work and documents into collaborative workspaces. It is a new way to brainstorm, sync, and collaborate across teams without leaving your workspace.

With’s workdocs, you can work on a word document with your team members in real-time. You can tag team members to loop them in and add boards to a document to keep your goals and projects aligned. Workdocs also allows you to connect any number of workdocs to other workdocs so you can easily access relevant information and supporting documents.

Workdocs works perfectly with’s primarily software features. This means you can transform any text on a workdoc into a board item and connect all your work by attaching your workdoc to the file column of any monday board, dashboard widgets, and more.

Let’s dive in to learn exactly how you can use monday workdocs:

Creating a new workdoc

Just like boards and dashboards, workdocs can be added from the left panel of your workspace by clicking on the Add button and selecting New Doc.

Adding a team member

workdocs are all about document collaboration so start by adding your team members by clicking on the blue Share button on the top right corner. You can also change permissions so only owners can make edits. You can do that by clicking on the crown next to any name.

Using workdoc’s collaborative elements

Think of workdocs as a blank canvas where you can add freestanding elements. You can find all of these elements in the top toolbar or by simply typing a / on your keyboard. Shortcut champions will love this: remove the mouse altogether by searching for your element with your keyboard after entering a /. Create titles, add inline images and videos, stylize your text, and much more! Collaborate directly on the document by tagging teammates with the @ symbol.

Making edits on your workdoc

You can make changes in a flash by dragging and dropping text or entire sections. You can also make changes through the menu on the left-hand side.

  • Move elements up or down
  • Duplicate, delete, or cut, copy, paste
  • Even completely transform the section into a title, subtitle, quote, or bulleted-, numbered- or check-list from here

Connecting a board to your workdoc

Merge your doc with the rest of your workflow by connecting a fully operational board. When you add a board to workdoc, you can make changes to it while still on the doc. What’s even cooler is that you can convert any piece of text on your doc into an item on a monday board.

Using widgets on workdocs

You can customize your workdoc even further with widgets. For example, you can use the battery widget to track the status of your social content and a numbers widget to see the overall budget.


This is just the beginning. With new features on the roadmap, workdocs will continue the push the limits of document collaboration, enabling your team to keep everything in one place. Contact us to learn more!