’s Updates Keep the Innovation Flowing’s Updates Keep the Innovation Flowing already has a wide array of features that have catapulted it to fame as one of the most user-friendly workplace operating systems (OS), offering businesses ease in planning in all areas of work, from project management and departmental processes to content management and workflow mapping.

Recently, they also released a host of new updates to their already robust platform, including apps and integrations that are genuinely useful, such as plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud, data imports from Jira, and an improved Kanban experience. Want to know more about these updates? Check them out below:

Plugins for Adobe Creative Cloud

Marketing departments all around the world rely on Adobe’s Creative Cloud to create impressive designs and visual content. However, organizing the workflow for design requests has never been easy, requiring exceptionally accurate tracking of requests and deadlines to ensure all collateral is delivered on time with all edits and revisions applied.

To make this process easier,’s Adobe Creative Cloud integrations allow designers to keep the process in one workspace, so they are always aware of feedback, new requests, revisions, annotations, and communications related to their designs. For those who work in design teams, the collaboration feature is a huge upgrade that makes pushing designs toward the finish line faster and easier for teams, especially those that work remotely. Any collaborators can tag each other directly inside Adobe Creative Cloud, while also notifying others of the changes and the status of the creative in motion. Due date reminders also make it easy for team members to keep their deadlines in check and progress flowing.

Jira Import Updates

For companies that use Jira, the widely-used issue tracking and management product developed by Atlassian,’s latest update will make synching Jira data a dream. In particular, users can now import data from Jira and have this data remain synched after the import, ensuring that all teams can easily manage their issues or other projects with’s easy-to-use interface.

There are also several fields supported for mapping between and Jira, including issuekey, issuetype, project, string, priority, user, status, option, resolution, number, watches, datetime, date, progress, time spent, and votes. However, those looking for custom fields have several options, including flexibility with custom field types and certified partners, like Eligeo!

Chart Function Innovations

The already beautiful chart features in now have more depth and flexibility, allowing for sum, avg, median, min, max functions in all chart types, including chart and the chart widget.

Improved Kanban Experience

Brands that use Kanban will also love a simple drag and drop function for all cards in, making arranging Kanban boards easier. Users can also now view person card tooltips when hovering over users as well.

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