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We’re getting ready to launch our first webinar of our weekly user group sessions starting tomorrow, April 15th, 2020.  This is super exciting.  We’ve been working with for a few years now and we’re now getting ready to roll out a lot of new products specifically designed for  The first is a free tool that we will be offering, simply called uploader.

And yes free.

We have a lot of things going on at Eligeo that is aimed at supporting our clients through this difficult time so we are looking at different product offerings that we can release to help them get the most out of  This starts with our uploader tool which allows you to import data into existing boards with ease.  All you need is a CSV file to upload with and then you’ll be able to quickly and easily load your fields into

During our user group session tomorrow we will be covering this exciting new tool.  We will also be covering off some basics of and we’ll also be laying out plans for user groups going forward.  We will be looking for case studies, success stories and ideas to help grow the group and share knowledge each week.

We hope you can join.

Plus, I’m doing the first webinar tomorrow!  Come and sign up here.

See you tomorrow.

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