Eligeo Business Solutions is a Certified Partner of  We can offer you help through a number of different free, paid and self serve options to ensure that you get the most out of Help & Consulting Services

Small Business & Small Teams

Eligeo works with all kinds of small organizations to help them succeed with  We offer a number of services to help you achieve your goals with  Here are some of the services available:

Complex Projects

One of the most exciting things about is that it is the perfect tool to compliment existing complex business and enterprise sized companies.  We can help you develop the perfect setup while integrating your existing systems directly into  Here are some services available:

Getting help

Eligeo is focused on delivering an exceptional customer service.  As your partner, we work closely with the help teams to ensure that you get a good balance of support from both of our organizations.  Our team is available by email, phone and video to answer any questions that you have about