April 15th monday.com User Group Recap


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Thanks to everyone that joined us for our first monday.com User Group.  We had a lot of great questions at the end that I wasn’t able to answer but I’m glad to do so here.

Towards the end we ran out of time but Allie from our user group had asked the following question:

When you’ve linked one item to an item in another board, you’re able to click on the detail and see all the details in the vertical view. I’m wondering if you can link to the same item so you can see the same information two ways.

There isn’t an automated to do this without building something with custom code.  monday.com support suggests the following which is to create an automation to do the original linking but then you would need to manually go back and link the previous item.  It’s not ideal right now. but they did capture the feedback for you and will attempt to have that looked at by their development team.

We also had a few other questions including:

  1. Is there any plans to sync boards with shared Google Calendars?  monday.com has a lot of new features coming along but our support team wasn’t able to provide a clear answer on this but there is good news with a number of new monday.com Work 2.0 apps coming soon.  It’s possible a lot of unique requests may get addressed with third party apps.
  2. How can I copy a board, will it include all of its contents?  monday.com offers the ability to duplicate boards by right clicking on it from the left hand list of boards.  You can then select whether to include the structure, structure and items or everything including updates.
  3. Is the monday.com uploader plugin available as part of monday.com subscription?  Yes and no.  This is a third party product built by us at Eligeo, it will be available freely at the end of April or beginning of May for any user of monday.com.

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