Simplify the way your teams work. Manage your workload, communicate with your team and celebrate team success.

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Eligeo Business Solutions is the go-to partner for in Canada.  We work with our clients to help them adopt and implement successfully into their business.  Eligeo also helps businesses adopt into SugarCRM to create the ultimate organizational workflow toolset.


Manage everything using boards

A board is the place you track everything your team is working on. Instantly see who’s working on what and where things stand.
Easily add tasks, projects, missions, and to-dos, assign teammates to specific tasks or projects, see the exact status of where things stand, and plan your workload over time

Integrates with SugarCRM

Eligeo has created the perfect solution to integrate directly into SugarCRM.  Our for Sugar plugin allows you to visibly see pulse updates directly from Sugar while also giving you the ability to send updates from your CRM back to