for SugarCRM Plugin

SugarCRM and are well-recognized powerhouses as far as CRM and collaboration platforms (respectively) are concerned.
Many companies use these two platforms to create efficiencies, manage processes, collaborate, and manage customer relationships.
Our clients across North America have relied on our expertise in the past 14 years to implement, customize, and consult on various projects.
Eligeo now presents a simple and easy-to-use plugin that businesses can use to extend and further customize the capabilities of SugarCRM and
We’ve developed a for SugarCRM plugin that you can now use to mold to any process you need between the two platforms.
No more constant data transfers, endless copy-and-paste, and frantically switching between windows.

What will the Plugin do for you?

  • Connect one board from into SugarCRM
  • Map, create fields,  update information from in SugarCRM
  • Allow you to Send updates, change status, and add information to the item from SugarCRM
  • Provide a scheduler to synchronize and update information from to SugarCRM
  • Allow implementation of BPMs in SugarCRM and automation in to automate your workflows
All this without having to leave your SugarCRM instance or board. No hopping from screen to screen or switching from one tab to the other.

How Will the Plugin be Implemented?

The implementation is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Email, and one of our CRM experts will happily take you through the plugin features, the implementation process, and any questions you may have.