Introducing GeoQuotes Version 2.1 – Quoting Will Never Get Any Easier!

Introducing eQuotes Version 2.1 – Quoting Will Never Get Any Easier!

It has been a little over a year since we unveiled GeoQuotes and brought the power of quoting to the ecosystem. We have since helped many businesses such as yours, use the power of technology to enhance service delivery and customer experience. We designed GeoQuotes to be the foremost interactive quoting tool inside, complete with a product catalog and quotes board, as well as an advanced template engine.

We have received excellent feedback on some of the key features of GeoQuotes 1.0. They include an all-new quotes board that lets you add unlimited number of columns, and a product catalog board with item views showing products, default pricing, and availability. All of which run on the most advanced template engine on

Introducing GeoQuotes 2.1

We have reimagined GeoQuotes based on our client feedback, user experience, and a variety of use cases. We are thrilled to announce GeoQuotes 2.1! It is the same powerful and intuitive quoting tool but with a raft of new and updated features.

Here are three important updates to GeoQuotes 2.1.

1. System Improvements

All our solutions prioritize top performance, security, and ease of use. GeoQuotes 2.1 is not any different. We have made tiny but crucial iterations that take the user experiences and efficiency levels to another level. These include seeing passwords while typing them, and an enhanced password requirement enforcer for increased security. We have cleaned out the bugs and provided the option of a seamless migration and data syncing from version 1.0 to version 2.1 The Template Builder is now looking sleeker, with cleaned tag redundancies, and you can now hide the left sidebar for those times you want to keep things neat and organized. ‘Group cost abilities’ is now available. Under ‘create template’, you can now use the new products table, which does have group cost ability. You can also see all the users in an account.

2. Powerful New Features

Here are just a handful of new features that will change the way you experience quoting in a variety of use cases:

Recurring quotes

Share button in list view

Add tax to all products in the quote list button

Pull contact information automatically when a company is selected

“Add to all lines” feature which allows users to bulk-update multiple items inside

3. Integration Improvements

We are proud of our partnership with some of the most innovative technology providers. GeoQuotes 2.1 has a seamless integration that uses the platform’s advanced templating engine. You can now synchronize your contact and company’s board into GeoQuotes 2.1 and keep everything organized and efficient.