We build the software you’ve always wanted.  Eligeo CRM has a dedicated team of developers focused on integrating your system to your CRM.

There is no silver bullet when it comes to CRM software.  Eligeo CRM works with our clients to help them develop a plan to integrate their existing systems including legacy software, custom applications and other online software.  We have developed expertise with all of the CRM’s that we support so that we can help you successfully integrate systems together.

Custom Integrations

If you have existing systems that have been developed in-house or they may be considered legacy, we can help integrate them to your CRM of choice.  We have experience building out complex integrations between many different systems and technologies.


If you use QuickBooks Online or On-Premise, Eligeo CRM has developed custom integrations that allow you to seamlessly integrate your financial data with your CRM system.


If digital contracts are part of your business, then it should be part of your CRM workflow.  Eligeo CRM has built custom integrations combining the power of DocuSign and CRM.

Support Packages

Deliver the right text message at the right time using our custom Twilio integrations for your CRM.


Access your Dropbox files directly from your CRM system with our integrations for Dropbox.


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