CRM for Service Based Business

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CRM for Service Based Businesses

Eligeo CRM knows service based businesses well as we are a service based business ourselves.  We eat our own dog food as it is said and we use CRM technologies every day to ensure our customers are taken care of and we’re keeping tabs on prospects.

Case Management

As a service based business you are building your business on time and not just widgets.  A CRM system can provide a robust case management tool to help you handle customer requests and respond to them in a timely manner.  CRM systems can also integrate with popular help desk tools such as Freshdesk and Zendesk.

Customer Profiles

With a CRM you can configure specific profiles of your clients.  You can specify what information you’d like to track including all of the particular details you would capture for their applications.  Whether it’s a birthday reminder or storing complete profiles of your customers you can do it with a powerful CRM platform.

Track Opportunities

When it comes to your portfolio, you’re following up constantly with a number of opportunities.  Keeping track of what policies you’re offering and when they may be making decisions can help you establish a pipeline of what business to pursue and who to follow up with.


All of the CRM’s that Eligeo CRM works with are 100% mobile capable with iOS and Android platforms.  Subscriptions with these vendors also offer offline capabilities to ensure that when you’re away from the Internet you can easily capture information and re-sync when you get back to a hotspot.

What it was like before Eligeo CRM was chaos.  We had no contact from other suppliers and even when we did hear from them, it was full of empty promises.  We were constantly being let down and even had one company go bust on us right in the middle of a project.

Don Tetrault

Director, TMD Adjusters

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