CRM for Non-Profit

Whether you're tracking donors or volunteers, your CRM is your home base

CRM for Non-Profit Organizations

Eligeo CRM works with a number of non-profit organizations and has done so over the years to help them take advantage of technology, specifically CRM.  Whether you’re looking to track donors, volunteers or other sponsors, a CRM can be the key to increasing your organization’s future.

Volunteer Tracking

With your CRM you can track profiles of your volunteers and build in automatic ways to follow up and communicate with them proactively.  In 2013, Eligeo CRM developed a complete volunteer tracking system for YYCHelps.  This system could be searched and reported on to find and identify volunteers with the right equipment, tools and expertise to help in different volunteer opportunities.

Event Management & Sponsor Tracking

When you’re kicking off an event to entertain and attract donors and volunteers, you need to track, organize and stay on top of the tasks that need to get done.  A CRM will give you the flexibility not only to track the events, but also all of the details needed to track and find sponsors or in many other cases track the speakers or other participants in the events.


All of the CRM’s that Eligeo CRM works with are 100% mobile capable with iOS and Android platforms.  Subscriptions with these vendors also offer offline capabilities to ensure that when you’re away from the Internet you can easily capture information and re-sync when you get back to a hotspot.

Eligeo CRM & SugarCRM help YYCHelps mobilize 10,000 volunteers in the Calgary 2013 Floods that displaced over 100,000 people.
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