CRM for Distribution Companies

Solutions to handle inventory, product catalogue, quoting, invoicing and sales management within your CRM

CRM for Distribution Companies

Eligeo CRM specializes in building out CRMs for all kinds of industries.  When it comes to building out a CRM for a distribution company, it’s important for sales teams to be able to quickly generate quotes and get them to their customers quickly and easily.


When we work with Distribution companies the number one concern for them is to ensure that they are able to easily access pricing information for customers and get quotes out quickly.  We have developed simple low cost systems to help companies achieve this.

Sales Automation

Tracking projects and bids inside of a CRM has never been easier and affordable.  If you have a sales team in place and they need better visibility into leads, accounts, contacts and opportunities then we have the right custom solution for you.  All CRM’s that we work with provide the most advanced technology to ensure that you’re always on top of opportunities and able to report on them as well.


All of the CRM’s that Eligeo CRM works with are 100% mobile capable with iOS and Android platforms.  Subscriptions with these vendors also offer offline capabilities to ensure that when you’re away from the Internet you can easily capture information and re-sync when you get back to a hotspot.

Marketing Automation

With a robust CRM system in place you can now target messaging based on quotes or previous product purchases to your customers.  With targeted advertising and email marketing you can easily generate more awareness and sales.

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