How to Improve Your Video Conferencing Experience Using Zoom

How to Improve Your Video Conferencing Experience Using Zoom

While COVID-19 has afforded many of us the opportunity to use platforms such as Zoom, most of us are unfamiliar with some of the features that can make video conferencing more enjoyable. This article introduces some Zoom features that can improve your video conferencing experience.

For most people, video conferencing was an infrequently used technology before COVID-19 hit. Eight months into the pandemic, you’d be hard-pressed to find anybody unfamiliar with the more commonly used video conferencing platforms such as Zoom.

Now that most of us have at least some experience using video conferencing software, it’s about time that we explored some of the features of Zoom that can make communicating remotely better for everyone.

1. Mute Your Microphone

When you are conferencing in groups of three or more, it is essential that you mute your microphone when not speaking. Ambient noises, such as street traffic and unexpected interruptions from children or pets, distract and disrupt meetings.

You can even pre-configure your Zoom settings so that your microphone will be automatically muted at the start of every Zoom call.

2. Use Headphones

Good sound quality is of utmost importance on a conference call. There is nothing worse than straining to try and hear what is being said or having to ask again and again for a conference participant to repeat themself.

Headphones equipped with a microphone are ideal for improving the sound quality for everyone on a conference call. Even inexpensive earphones are better than none at all.

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3. Choose a Virtual Background

How many of us have found ourselves preparing for a Zoom call by searching for a decent (i.e. not messy) place in our home to position our laptop? Zoom includes a feature that allows you to choose a virtual background. This allows you to spend no time tidying up before a conference call.

Zoom offers a variety of background options, but you can also upload your own image. Consider a favourite landscape or even a backdrop that features your company logo.

4. Touch Up Your Appearance

Zoom has a feature called Touch Up My Appearance that will add a soft focus to your video. So, if you’re too rushed or can’t be bothered primping and preening before a Zoom call, simply enable the Touch Up feature and nobody will be the wiser.

5. Integrate Zoom into Your CRM

COVID-19 has made video conferencing ubiquitous and Zoom calls will undoubtedly be with us for the long haul. So why not make platforms such as Zoom a seamless extension of your CRM? has Zoom access built right into the platform to make video conferencing as simple as pushing a button.

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