How do you know if you are ready for a CRM?

Eligeo CRM offers consultancy services to help you find the right CRM, determine the best approach and to execute.  We’re your CRM partner.


Establish a Blue Print

Our team at Eligeo CRM is focused on our customers having a blue print.  This is our guideline and understanding of what challenges and opportunities our customers are facing.  It is essentially your road map.

Selection & Implementation

Eligeo CRM works with a number of CRM vendors.  There is no preference except for the preference you establish in your blue print.  Never let the technology dictate your business, rather, let your business dictate what solution you require.


Build Your Plan

Nobody builds a house without a blue print, you shouldn’t do that with your CRM.

Find your CRM Partner

We work exclusively with small and medium sized businesses to help them build and deploy the right solutions.


Support your CRM

There’s no need to hire full time staff when you can hire us to be your dedicated CRM support.  Project Managers, Consultants, Programmers and Support for a fraction of a full time salaried person.

Return on Investment

Your CRM will deliver ROI if you plan and execute properly.  This is what we’ve done for over 200 customers.

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