Manage and Follow Up on your Leads. All in one place.

Don’t let leads slip through the cracks anymore.  Let us help you optimize a CRM specific to your needs.

We help you pick your CRM

There are a lot of options out there.  Eligeo CRM can help you determine which system works best with your business process.  Learn more about business assessments if you need help determining exactly what your process is.

Know more about your leads quickly

A well designed CRM system will help you cut down the amount of time sales people need to look up information on their leads so they can focus on what matters: selling.

We help you make sure contact details, opportunity information and communication history is at your finger tips.


Know where they come

A CRM can help you track and figure out where your leads are coming from.

Would you like to know how effective your marketing efforts are?

Automatically assign Leads

Assign leads to your sales staff by territory or other rules that you can put in place.

Leads can get actioned immediately.

Determine the ROI

You can setup comprehensive reports to measure what your return on investment is for all marketing campaigns.

Reports and dashboards should be standard.

Email Marketing

Setup your Leads to be automatically synchronized with your favourite email marketing tool.

Integrating with email software is essential.

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