Deliver exceptional customer service

Your CRM should be your central hub of customer information.  This should also be where you interact, connect and respond to customer feedback and inquiries.

Handle Cases inside of CRM

A help desk right inside of your CRM is the ticket to handling tickets.

Are you finding that all customer inquiries live through your CRM?There are a number of help desk solutions that can integrate or add-on to your CRM.

Automated Workflow

Workflow automation can significantly increase your level of customer service.  The #1 reason customers leave is because they don’t feel like their provider cares about them.

Case Management

Your CRM can be used to track cases/trouble tickets from all inquiries from your customers.  Track it all in your CRM!


Central Knowledge Base

Most CRM’s offer a number of customer service features including comprehensive knowledge bases.  This allows you to keep track of common issues so that your team can respond quickly.

Customer Portals

As the Internet has become a mainstay for many, customers now want to interact with you virtually.  Build a custom service portal to help meet the needs of your customers.

Telephony Integration

Connecting your CRM to a telephony system is now easier than ever.  Capture phone calls coming in or set it up to do easy click to dial functions right from your CRM.

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