Harnessing the Power of AI and Sentiment Analysis: How SugarCRM’s new SugarPredict AI Takes Sales Personalization to New Heights

Harnessing the Power of AI and Sentiment Analysis: How SugarCRM’s new SugarPredict AI Takes Sales Personalization to New Heights

It’s no secret that keeping customers happy results in better business metrics. According to HubSpot, 68% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products and services from a brand known to offer good customer service experiences. Consumers also become loyal to brands when they have outstanding experiences, and their loyalty is worth billions in lifetime value. That’s why automated sentiment analysis is big news these days, and for CRM users, it’s also why SugarCRM’s new SugarPredict—now embedded within the company’s SugarLive multichannel customer communications application—is making waves.


What Is Automated Sentiment Analysis?

AI sentiment analysis does what we, as humans, do when we try to assess someone’s emotional state: we listen to their tone, their specific words, and patterns of speech to determine the point they are trying to get across and how they are feeling (their sentiment). Customer service and salespeople use inherent sentiment to assess what the customer needs so they can determine the next best course of action to solve their problem, whether it’s redirecting the customer to the retentions department, proving technical support, or simply giving them an answer to a question that they have.

The caveat to in-person sentiment analysis is that the process takes time, leaving other customers waiting in cue, and, as we all know, making customers wait in line makes them very unhappy. With SugarPredict, a blend of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI makes it possible for these types of interactions to be processed quickly with technology, so customers can be automatically directed to the correct department or person to rectify their situation, rather than going through several people or a series of departments or waiting on hold for a long time before getting what they need.


Emphatic Engagement: A Better Way to Help Customers

Emphatic engagement is engagement that is emphasized with understanding, empathy, and exceptional support. SugarPredict is using emphatic engagement to fully equip teams with information about the customer’s request and the emotional state, so they can start the interaction already primed with context; this allows them to be exceptionally engaged and provide equally exceptional service. More tangibly, with SugarPredict, sales and service personnel are automatically prompted to provide the next best course of action to enhance the customer journey. For example, they can escalate the issue to a supervisor, offer a discount, or highlight deals and promotions.


No Second Chances—So Make Elevate Every Interaction

“You rarely get a second chance to make a great impression with a customer; it’s profoundly important to get each and every interaction right and connect on a deeply human level,” says Sugar CTO Rich Green. “Sales and service professionals are under a great deal of pressure as a customer’s business can be won or lost in a single misstep. This is why we’re proud to be extending SugarPredict sentiment analysis to empower sales and service professionals on the customer front lineswhere the battle for customer loyalty is waged on a daily basis.”


Driven to Improve Customer Understanding and Operational Processes

The SugarLive solution is designed to enable sales and service personnel to track the details of each customer interaction as it’s happening, and effortlessly access customer information across all touchpoints and channels at the exact moment it’s needed. Using AI to better serve customers is only one valuable facet of SugarPredict within SugarLice. It also provides critical insights into the customer journey by capturing sentiment data for supervisors to review. The insights can help strategically identify customer pain points and service issues that need to be fixed, giving comprehensive oversight to the customer journey as a whole.


SugarCRM’s Suite of Software Releases is Broad and Robust

The SugarLive solution and SugarPredict’s AI and sentiment analysis are part of a wide range of new features in SugarCRM’s latest software release. These updates are taking the CRM user experience to a new, intuitive level, not only making the sales process easier but informing the entire organization on the customer journey and how it can be improved.


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