Getting Centred to Get Results: Eligeo Case Study: Emovi

Getting Centred to Get Results: Eligeo Case Study: Emovi

“We got more than we expected in terms of support. We needed not only automation but the ability to link with other departments…. We could not have done it without the help and support of Aimee from Eligeo. She was able to answer our questions and help with any technical issues.”—Michelle Laflamme, CEO and Founder of Emovi

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Emovi, a cutting-edge technology provider of diagnostic solutions and AI clinical platforms for those suffering from knee injuries, knee pain, and age-related knee degeneration, came to Eligeo for support with the implementation of as their all-in-one content and project management technology solution, or interdepartmental communication software, if you will. They needed a way to keep their departments connected and in tune with their complex project management processes while also housing all their client data and project tasks in one place. Initially serving as a combined CRM and project management tool, the platform soon showed its breadth of capabilities to the Emovi team with the direction and help of Eligeo’s support team. With Eligeo’s guidance, the implementation changed the way the Emovi team looked at data, evolving from static, manual spreadsheets and inputs into live, dynamic information and automations that streamlined their workflow.

We needed help with the process management piece of our business. Before Eligeo and, our staff would manually gather information pertaining to their roles and because there were some 70 steps in our process and we had 5 to 8 people with their fingers in all that, no one was quite sure who was doing what and when. Tasks would get dropped and information was not always inaccurate, so we were frequently checking in with each other. This meant lots of emails were going back and forth all the time and there were sticky notes everywhere…it was not efficient.

“We needed one place to keep us focused on the process for the client—a place where we could find everything. With the help of Eligeo, became that place. By adding automations in, multiple departments can now be alerted when someone else in a different department completes a critical step—and that has made the difference for us. Everyone can see the process and when things are completed. We don’t have to send emails back and forth and we are spending less time on the administrative part of the job so we can be with the clients more.”—Valerie Wilson, Director of Implementation Training and Development


About Emovi

Emovi, a healthcare innovation company whose name stands for emotion, movement, and vision, is changing the field when it comes to cutting-edge technology solutions for knee injuries and knee osteoarthritis. Their KneeKG system, a dynamic Knee Exam for knee specialists that complements MRI, CT, X-RAY imaging by providing dynamic information of the articulated knee, fully loaded, and a suggested targeted care algorithm based on findings.

Their AI-powered medical devices are helping patients get back into their active lifestyles so they can have a better quality of life with a healthier outlook, as outlined in the new recent American guidelines published by the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Their KneeKG™ System is being used across North America, Europe, and Asia. With many different points of contact for their system and hundreds of implementations in progress, a robust and accurate communication platform is essential to ensuring that every team member is in-tune and up-to-date with the same information from every client.

The Hurdle

Testimonial Problem

Growing quickly and struggling to integrate the many complex parts of their business into a cohesive and manageable technology platform, Emovi had been looking for a technology solution that had CRM, project management, and communications capabilities. They also needed this interdepartmental communication software to seamlessly work and share information across multiple departments. Already using one CRM, and potentially needing two other technology platforms for their Training, Support, and Billing departments, the Emovi team knew that they needed to find a better answer—one that could do and house everything in one place.

Upon the suggestion of one of their employees, they decided to integrate as their provider as it proved to be the most capable to serve their needs. They also came to Eligeo for help with the integration and management of the process, ensuring that it was as effective and efficient as possible.

“Before Eligeo, we were trying to use our CRM for project management. With each client, we have projects and we were trying to keep everything in one place but we only had one person who was entering all this information. There wasn’t one place where it was being all kept. In the end, we were looking at three types of platforms to function, our CRM and another two for client support, training and implementation, and billing, and it was difficult to manage. So, we tested monday, and loved it.”—Michelle Laflamme, CEO and Founder of Emovi

The Solution

Testimonial Solution

Eligeo took care to understand Emovi’s core needs with detailed assessments and meetings. The goal was to satisfy the needs of each department and connect them, also. To do this, the Eligeo team trained every department on the full functionality of the powerhouse technology, offering meetings and instructive videos for anyone who needed help understanding how to best use it. They also set up the technology to ensure that all departments were connected and had access to client and project data in real-time, eliminating communication barriers—as every task and piece of information was all now visible and in one place for everyone. To streamline the immense amount of data and manual inputting, Eligeo set up automations to ensure laborious manual tasks would not have to be repeated, and this has saved employees countless hours of work time.

Eligeo also trained the Emovi team on how to use the monday boards to their full capabilities. Their old CRM was based on spreadsheets and they had tried to import those directly into the monday boards without knowing that there were so many more benefits to creating a board from the bottom up. Once trained on how to best set up and use boards for operational efficiency, Emovi saw immediate changes that enhanced their workflow: repetitive tasks were automated, saving staff precious time, while data was robust, available in real-time, and always accessible.

“Our old CRM was very sophisticated and helpful for sales but not for management of our implementation, training and support with the client. . When we switched over, one of our team members tried to put one of those spreadsheets generated by our CRM into monday, and for some reason it wasn’t as powerful as we thought it was going to be. That’s when Aimee from Eligeo stepped in and was able to transform it. So, we learned that you can’t just put a spreadsheet into monday, you must design it like a dynamic, live evolving piece with automations and dependencies that allow people touch points in all different places…we learned through Eligeo.” —Valerie Wilson, Director of Implementation Training and Development

The Impact

Testimonial Impact

Because the process is more defined now, and teams have one access point to the process, the Emovi team is better able to do their jobs with precise and defined timelines. The time it takes to complete implementations is reduced, as is the time for each clinic. This has helped the client experience too, making the entire process more efficient and smooth for them.

“Now everyone is able to enter their own information and we have automated plenty of tasks. All of my team is on it daily. It’s the thing that holds us together. It keeps us tight. We can see workloads and this helps me plan for the future. That has been a bonus effect that I didn’t expect.”—Valerie Wilson, Director of Implementation Training and Development


The Experience

“We’ve learned a whole new way of thinking about data, how it moves and how we communicate it—it’s been great. Eligeo was also able to take each of our departments and meet their individual needs while also getting them inter-connected. They met individually with Sales, R&D, Support and Training and Implementation and then were able to develop each of those areas and have them all interface. We needed that, and we needed them. Aimee was very aware that there were people who were tech-savvy and those who weren’t…and she was able to meet the needs of each individual employee. She made videos that answered all our questions and she was also able to give reign to people who understood the instructions but would also come in and correct any issues if needed. Eligeo was very good at meeting the needs of our staff who are comfortable with tech and those who are not.”—Valerie Wilson, Director of Implementation Training and Development.