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If you provide services to your clients on a project or hourly basis, you need to prove how much time was committed to their work in order to be paid. Even for flat fee contracts, accurate time tracking is worthwhile. It allows you to understand how much time is being invested into each project and task, so you can see which activities and clients are the most profitable.

Time tracking is essentially the use of a tracker app or other software tool to accurately measure the amount of time invested into a certain task. It is often used for accurate employee time entry and payroll, as well as client invoicing. Can you do this within Yes, absolutely! Let us show you how.

Join our product expert Kevin Entmaa to learn:

  • How to track time with
  • Reporting on your Time Tracking work
  • TimeCamp as an additional option

By bringing time tracking into the equation for repeat tasks in an organization, you create a benchmark with which to measure efficiency and/or productivity. You can then adjust the way the task is conducted to measure whether it improves outcomes.

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Oct 27 2021


8:30 am - 9:00 am
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