The endless possibilities of CRM

I love the business of CRM.  It really is an industry that has a life of it’s own. No matter what industry you find yourselves in there is always a product out there geared specifically for what you are trying to accomplish.

I saw an article today ( that talked about the success of industry specific solutions for CRM.  Whether you’re in construction, insurance or consulting there really does appear to be an appetite for solutions that are ready to go out of the box.

Ready to go out of the box?  Shouldn’t all software be designed like that?  In most cases yes but when it comes to CRM and I’ve seen well over 100 implementations,  no two setups are the same.  But I’m not discounting industry specific solutions,  I think that’s the way things are going when it comes to CRM.

Small business will always need simplified solutions that are low cost and work out of the box.  Businesses that are a little bit bigger will be looking to accomplish a bit more automation with solutions that are tailored to their industry.  At Eligeo CRM we have a strong partnership with SugarCRM and this product is setup to be built just as I described.  A number of vendors are starting to see this trend and I think you will start seeing a lot more add-on packages for CRM systems like SugarCRM and others coming a lot quicker than ever before.

All us businesses want at the end of the day is solutions that just work and work well for our businesses.  We are just are round the corner before a lot more of these things are more obvious than ever before.