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I wanted to give a quick update to our partners, clients and employees.  We’re happy to say that Eligeo is continuing to operate without issue and our remote approach has been working quite well.  We’ve been helping a lot of businesses address concerns around remote work which has increased our business versus decreasing.  First and foremost, thank you for allowing us to support you and continue to support you.  Many businesses are being forced to shutdown and reduce staff, I’m extremely thankful we’re the opposite.  We will be adding more to our team in the coming weeks to support the growth and hopefully, temporary, circumstances.

I will continue to give periodic updates on this post over the coming weeks and likely months.  Please stay safe and take care of one and other.


Original Post:

A question on many of our clients’ minds is, are we still open? Are we still operating?

The answer is an absolute YES!  Our business was built on remote technologies from the beginning.  Our staff in our offices in Vancouver and Calgary are now all working remotely until further notice.  This transition is easy as we do have a remote work policy in place already.  The transition occurred without a hitch.

For those businesses that are looking for some help on how to do remote work better – I’m more than happy to share how we do it at Eligeo

If you’re looking to talk about the tools using in your organization such as SugarCRM, Salesforce or monday.com – we’re ready to chat.

We’re thankful at this point that our clients haven’t been impacted yet although we are anticipating there will be challenges ahead.  We’re doing our best to help them and their employees to get through this tough time.

Let us know if we can be of service.

Derek Major
Eligeo Business Solutions

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