Derek’s 2020 Wrap Up


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I wanted to say thank you to all of you for following, connecting, being a client and partnering with all of us at Eligeo.  It’s been an extremely trying year for many and I realize that many have lost their jobs, reduced their businesses and, in some cases, lost loved ones.  This pandemic is something that is affecting people mentally, physically and financially.  It’s not lost on me how fortunate that I am to be in a position that I am with great friends, family and colleagues.

2020 was a year of change and growth for Eligeo.  As a business and before COVID, we made a concerted effort to branch out our business and the timing was good as it accelerated our business this year.  We have introduced a number of new products and we were able to grow our team substantially to assist with the growth.  With triple digit growth and being a multi-million-dollar business, we are well positioned to continue our growth.

Normally, I would want to celebrate a number of our successes, but I think that there needs to be a bit more attention to other things this year.

Remote Work & Flex Days

At the beginning of summer, we announced an initiative to create a more human company.  As a result of that announcement and blog post, we have moved ahead with several initiatives including our 4-day work week and remote first organization.  Our 5-day work weeks will now include a flex day that staff can use to catch up on training, personal goals, shopping, visiting a friend from out of town or taking off for a day to the spa.  It’s a flex day in the mindset that the objective is for our staff to recharge on their own terms.  We’re excited to see this start in a couple of weeks.  Our clients won’t notice a difference at all as we’ve designed the flex days to ensure support is optimal and continues to be so.

We have also decided to close our Calgary office at the conclusion of our lease in February.  We’ve been at our current location for 9-years and we were getting ready to move to a space that was 4 times the size of the current space.  Given our growth and the desire for our staff to have the remote flexibility, we’ve made this decision.  We will still have co-working options for staff in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

All of this is to ensure our staff can live their lives.  We don’t want people living to work.

Community Support

In November, we made a donation of $1000 to The Royal Canadian Legion.  In recognition of Remembrance Day, we felt it was important to help out as the poppy funds were impacted significantly.  It was a small gesture we felt that would be welcoming.

This December we also emailed our premier clients to inform them that we wouldn’t be doing an annual holiday treat that we normally send out.  Instead, we’ve made a $5000 donation to Kids Help Phone Canada.  Many organizations are in the spotlight, but we felt that our youth needed that support too.

Eligeo C.A.R.E.

I’ve been on vacation since December 11th but I took a few days to do our annual planning sessions with our management team earlier this week.  We worked on a number of initiatives for 2021 including bringing back our Eligeo C.A.R.E. (Communities Are Really Everything) program.  This program was active for several years when we did this with our annual ball hockey tournaments in Calgary, Canada.  My mandate in Q1 is to establish a new structure that all of our staff will have an opportunity to volunteer and contribute to their communities.

As a remote first organization, our team has grown significantly in 2020.  We now have staff in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, USA and around the world.  I’m looking forward to us serving in each of the communities we work in around the globe.

I can’t wait to see what our team can do in 2021 but I also can’t wait to see how we respond in our communities to help each other.

From the bottom of my heart, thank for you reading this and being a part of this and being a part of the Eligeo journey.  If there’s anything I could ever do for you, I encourage you to reach out.

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