Eligeo Launches Document Signing Tool for monday.com

Eligeo Launches Document Signing Tool for monday.com

Eligeo is proud to announce the eDigital Signatures app for monday.com – an easy document signing tool for monday.com users.

Last week, we launched eDigital Signatures, our brand new DocuSign integration for monday.com, and it’s gaining considerable traction from monday.com users around the world, and rightfully so. With this app, you can create, sign, send and track all your documents directly within monday.com’s platform!

eDigital Signatures for monday.com

This new document signing tool can be implemented into your current processes in three easy ways:

  1. Use a custom template from your DocuSign account and send using that template within monday.com.
  2. Alternatively, you can use the file column of the item view to send your documents.
  3. You can also connect a different board and use a file column from there to send your documents.

You can attach your eDigital Signature and eQuotes boards to a dashboard to get in-depth reporting and visibility.

Track your documents in one easy-to-use board, and use that board for KPIs to see which representatives are sending and completing the most proposals or quotes.

eDigital Signatures also enables you to customize your documents to convey your brand. You can create beautiful templated documents using word docs for your signers.

New Document Signing Tool for monday.com!

eDigital Signatures for monday.com is available now on monday.com App Marketplace for all monday.com accounts with App access.

Our Promise To You

Eligeo is dedicated to helping you manage your business by solving complex problems with new ideas and creative solutions. And we’re not stopping here. Over the next few weeks, we’re launching two more apps that will help you better manage your team and time and improve efficiency.

Our first app for monday.com launched in the marketplace earlier this year. With the eQuotes installation, monday.com users can manage and send quotes for their products and services within the monday.com platform. The app has been a huge hit for our clients and monday.com users in general and has had over 800 downloads in a just short while.

If you’d like additional information, please contact our team at hello@eligeo.com or visit our contact us page.