Eligeo announces new quote tool for monday.com

Eligeo announces new quote tool for monday.com

I’m excited to share today we are announcing the first of 5 new marketplace apps for monday.com.  Today, we are unveiling a quote tool for monday.com.  Since we started the company in 2008, we’ve been focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses take advantage of technology to enhance the way they deliver customer service.  We’re proud to work with some of the best-known technology providers in the world.  These partners have enabled us to create and deliver exceptional solutions for our clients to help them take their businesses to the next level.

Eligeo is proud to announce the eQuotes app for monday.com.  An easy quote tool for monday.com is here.

Quote tool for monday.com

This new interactive quoting tool is built directly into monday.com complete with a product catalog board, quotes board and templating engine.

The new quotes board allows you to add as many columns as you want to track while tightly integrating into our Quotes framework.  This means that you can track the normal pricing information while also adding in as many columns as you want to keep more details on your quotes.

The new product catalog board is where you store your listing of products that can be selected by your sales representatives.  These products appear in the quotes item view and provide default pricing and availability.  Stay tuned for enhanced integration to ERP solutions.

The new templating engine is the most advanced templating engine on monday.com.  You can list out as many templates on a board and then you can use Eligeo’s backend system to generate perfect Word or PDF documents.  All of your columns from the quotes board and the line items associated with a quote can be passed to the engine.  You can now create professional-looking documents from within monday.com at the click of a button.

This quote tool for monday.com is completely integrated into monday.com.  You can add columns to the App boards while also utilizing restrictions to contain who has access to what boards and other permissions.


eQuotes for monday.com is available on monday.com App Marketplace. This quote tool for monday.com is available for all monday.com accounts with App access.

More Info

If you’d like additional information please contact our team at hello@eligeo.com or visit our contact us page.