Do you know Companies that use Customer Relationship Management?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is often considered to be a program used by businesses that are I.T focused or tech-savvy but I bet you would actually be surprised by the variety of companies that use customer relationship management. There is a big selection of CRM systems available on the market today that can be customized and tailored for your business. This does not mean that every business should have one, it means that every business could benefit from one.

  • Sales Teams – A business that has a sales team in place will benefit immensely from a CRM system.  It is designed to help them stay organized, focused, and one step ahead of the customer.  Through using the CRM they can identify new leads, where there are gaps in the market, assess customer buying habits, and cross-sell through the various business departments.  By opening up these options to your sales team you will make it easier for them to win sales, be prepared for customer issues, and collaborate on projects.
  • Documents – If there is a large amount of paperwork or tracking involved within your business, then CRM is useful.  You are able to create your own documents such as quotes and invoices and keep them all neatly organized in a centralized system.  No more trawling through piles of paper because with a CRM, you simply use the search option and it finds it for you.  This enables you to maximize your time and use the most current correct information.
  • Increased Efficiency – I believe that everyone wants to maximize their business’s efficiency so having a CRM in place is definitely a step in the right direction.  Information is at your fingertips and is easily shared with your colleagues without having to sit through endless meetings or search through rows of filing cabinets.  Efficiency is also increased by monitoring and tracking the information entered into the CRM system.  Your staff can see which accounts need a courtesy call or which new lead is coming up and make sure that they don’t miss it.
  • Secure Access – When you have a large business with countless employees it is important to keep all of your information stored securely.  By keeping it all in a CRM system you are able to control who has access to it and what pieces of information they can see.  This works great for companies that have several departments that need access to the same information but want to eliminate the risk of documents getting lost in transit.  By allowing the staff access to it online, it is all stored and tracked safely from one place.  In using secure access you also provide yourself with the opportunity to allow your staff work flexibility.  If they need to access it at home so that they can hit that very important deadline, then they can without having to remove anything from the office.
  • Customer Service – We live in a world where customers want a correct, well-informed answer immediately.  A CRM that is used by multiple people at the same time, has information accessible in a centralized place and records the customers’ history is perfect for delivering this level of customer service.  You are able to provide the answers they need quickly and correctly without having to waste time searching for them or asking another colleague.
Having a CRM in place in your business creates a smoother workflow without the messy filing cabinet in the corner or pile of notes on your desk.  It is all streamlined and organized which of course, increases the efficiency of your staff and your business. So going back to the title of this blog, “Do you know Companies that use Customer Relationship Management,” the answer is yes. Without you even realizing nearly every company that you use or visit will be using some form of CRM. It is how customer service is assessed and developed, marketing is planned and executed and the business model itself develops and is implemented. Every business that wishes to compete in the modern market will have a CRM in place and will be capitalizing on the benefits that it brings.