Some quick tips to pick a CRM


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The whole world of customer relationship management software is constantly evolving. Along with that and the Internet is that there are a ton of options to sift through to find the right option. There are a lot of options out there but how do you choose the right one?

  1. Don’t start with the CRM in mind. Start with your business, your processes and how you do things. It can be a costly mistake by picking a CRM and then having to “adjust” things to fit the way the CRM works.

  2. Take your processes, requirements and pass those over to the CRM vendor or work with your consultant to prepare these documents. Tell the CRM vendor what you want and let them show you how things match up to your requirements.

  3. Spend a little money but not everything. Run a pilot project within a small subset of your organization to see if it works as intended. This reduces risk and cost on your part. It makes it easier to switch things up if needed.

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