Custom Apps for CRM

We build solutions to meet the needs of your business.

We’ve partnered with clients like you to deliver not only exceptional results but powerful tools built based on the requirements of your business.  Your CRM shouldn’t be just like everyone else’s CRM, it should be unique to you.

We do all kinds of custom work including...

Custom Workflows with Digital Signatures

SugarCRM's Exchange offers a number of free plugins including DocuSign. The work we do is completely custom and embedded within your entire workflow. We work with our clients to take their unique quoting processes and tie it directly into DocuSign to create a seamless process between sales and operations.

Project management built directly into Sugar

We built our integration specifically because our clients needed a way to give project visibility back to their sales representatives. In a manufacturing scenario we've also tied work schedules from back into Sugar to give scheduling visibility to customer service.

Custom Portals designed with your customers in mind

We've worked with both Education and Non-Profits to build custom portals that are very similar to the way you interact with your bank or Canada Revenue Agency's. All portals are bolted directly into Sugar's API to allow for a seamless integration.