What is CRM?

To make a change from my instructional blogs I thought I’d talk about customer relationship management (CRM) today.  Had you ever heard of it before the job you’re in now?  I hadn’t.  I had always known about the collection of customer data, use of databases and to what extent they could be used but I had never heard the term CRM.  Silly really because it makes sense that I should have.  I always saw the data collection as a way to progress business but never actually thought about how it applied to the customer.

Whether you are running a chain of restaurants or creating a small charity event, CRM is crucial for businesses as it targets and tailors to the customers needs making each one feel valued.  The personalized interaction and being able to deliver an exceptional service to them will almost guarantee that you are first and foremost in their future recommendations.  It is all about knowing who your customers are, what makes them tick and how to create value for your business as well as them.  It doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming, just well organized and thought through.

The customers are what keep your business going because without them, well you wouldn’t have a business.  Data can be collected about their buying habits, their social activities or even the number of customers that simply walk through the door.  These things will all contribute to how the business is viewed and how you plan to proceed.  You would not cater for 50 customers a day if you knew 500 walked through the door would you? Knowing who your customers are and making them more than just a number in a database is all part of CRM.  Managing your relationships with your customers.

Whether you are new to business or not, you can quickly see the value of good CRM.  It can open up doors  to all the small things that were previously missed ensuring that every opportunity is a great opportunity.