Is Your CRM Up-To-Date? Here’s 3 Things to Think About

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a constantly evolving system which, unless you constantly evolve with it, can quickly become inefficient and out dated.  It is designed to assist you with your data management, business efficiency and customer service so in order to keep it running at its best, consider these 3 following things:

  1. When was the last time you did updates?  Updates are there to fix issues or to make improvements.  It is important to check regularly for updates to ensure that you are running the most current program.  Do you have other programs integrated with your CRM?  Check these for updates as well and make sure that they are running correctly to ensure maximum efficiency.
  2. Can improvements be made? Discuss with colleagues any Improvements that they feel can be made with the modules.  As modules can be customized to your business you may feel that there’s a better way to enter data or an easier way to navigate between pages.  These are things that should be improved so that your staff are maximizing their time.  Do you have something that is currently causing issues?  Maybe you want your staff to be able to access the same account at the same time without any information getting lost.  By discussing this with your team, you quite often find that there is a way for one module to improve several others.  CRM is about keeping it simple after all.
  3. Is everyone trained? As with most CRM programs, Training is offered when you buy the product but have you shared this training with all of your staff?  To keep time management effective you must ensure that everyone is trained and knows how to utilize the system.  What if they were adding information manually when they could import it with the click of  a button?  Making sure that they know the system well and understand the capabilities of it will mean that they not only enjoy using it, but will also use it to its full potential.  No one likes spending half an hour figuring out something that could have taken them two minutes.

CRM is always changing to meet market expectations as well as those of the customer.  By keeping your business growing and developing alongside these market expectations and CRM systems, you provide your business with a stable platform from which to develop.