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Eligeo CRM specializes in building the most robust marketing, sales, customer service and operational software solutions

CRM Strategy

Many CRM implementations fail due to a lack of execution and vision.  Eligeo CRM strives to work with our customers to help them develop a comprehensive plan and strategy that will help them not only install a new CRM product but deliver on strategic objectives.  We help our customers develop a CRM strategy that acts as a guiding principal through the implementation of your CRM project during, after support and into the future for your organization.  We want to help you take the vision you have for your business and turn it into something that is achievable.

Business Process

Before an organization can dive directly into their CRM implementation, it’s imperative they spend the time to define what their business process is.  If you spend time determining how things operate within your organization without technology, it will then become easier to find ways to automate and improve those processes in order to incorporate them into your CRM solution.  Eligeo CRM consultants can work with organizations to help develop work flows, diagrams and re-engineer existing processes.

CRM Selection

SugarCRM? Zoho? Salesforce? We’ve got your back with experience in all three platforms. We’ve been working with these platforms since we began in 2008. We’ve completed over 100 SugarCRM implementations in the last 3 years alone. From Montreal, to Boston, to Vancouver, we’re working with customers across North America to help them customize their CRM’s.


Project Management

Project management is ingrained in who we are as a CRM consulting software company. Many of the projects that we are contracted to do involve a lot of project management work, as it allows us to take the burden off of our clients’ shoulders so that they can focus on their business while we drive results with their software implementations.

Custom Solutions

Eligeo CRM specializes in creating solutions for our customers that helps them drive value every day in their businesses. At the core we build many different types of CRM solutions but we’re known for building custom applications that take you to the next level.  Check out the Visual Sales Pipeline application.

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