CRM Implementation Services

Whether you have a complex project or need initial direction with your CRM, we're here to help you along the way

CRM Implementation Services made easy

Eligeo CRM has been delivering CRM solutions to our customers for over 9 years.  As a valued partner with SugarCRM, Salesforce and Zoho, we have a team equipped and experienced in delivering unique CRM solutions to our customers.  When it comes to your CRM implementation, we will help you craft the perfect CRM strategy.  Our customers not only want a CRM, but they want one that their staff will enjoy using day in and out.


CRM Starter Kits

Eligeo CRM has developed an easy to understand process to help customers get started with their CRM through a CRM Starter Kit.  Kits are designed to get the basics of your CRM functioning properly so that you are getting value from your CRM immediately.


Block of Hours

After our customers have completed their CRM Starter Kits they can continue with our CRM Virtual Assistant service or for smaller clients they may purchase a block of hours that they can use at any time.

CRM Starter Kit Approach

Eligeo CRM offers a great way for businesses to get started with Zoho, SugarCRM or Salesforce with our introductory CRM Starter Kit.  All of our new CRM Implementation services go through this process and it includes our CRM Virtual Assistant service to get you started. This will ensure you are ready to go over the course of your first month of service.

CRM Planning

Your initial needs assessment and the project plan stage is designed to help you understand your initial steps with implementing a CRM system. We will cover your implementation plan, understand your initial requirements and work with you on designing a phased approach for future enhancements to your CRM system.

Custom Fields

Your CRM Consultant will work with you in your needs assessment stage to understand exactly what information you want to capture. Each package level includes a number of custom fields that can be configured inside of your CRM.


Our CRM Starter kit comes with two live training sessions (2-hours each) as well as an additional block of 2-hours for follow up’s and Q&A after your implementation has been completed.  Our CRM Virtual Assistant service is also available with unlimited support during your implementation so that you can ask as many questions as you’d like.

Basic System & User Setup

Once we’ve established an understanding of your basic processes and expectations for your system we will do the initial customizations based on the package you have selected below. Part of this process will include adjusting the look and feel of the system, setting up initial dashboards, configuring notifications and making sure your system has all of your specified requirements implemented. We will also configure all of your user accounts and access privileges.

Data Import

During our data import process, we will work with you to develop a plan on how to get all of your data into your CRM.  Our CRM Starter Kit includes the import of up to 10,000 records for Accounts, Contacts and Leads.  If there is additional data, we can still help you through the purchase of block of hours to bring in the additional data with our CRM Implementation services.

CRM Virtual Assistant

Eligeo CRM offers an unlimited CRM support service called CRM Virtual Assistant.  Each CRM Starter Kit comes bundled with 30-days of our service to help ensure that you get the most out of your CRM system.

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