Creating a Sales Process using a Swim lane diagram

If you missed it over a week ago we did a sales process diagram during one of our webinars to help introduce everyone to the world of documentation.  Ah yes, documentation.

Do you know why over 70% of CRM installations in the world fail?  It’s because the teams implementing the CRM systems do not take the time to understand the real reasons behind the implementation of a CRM system for an organization.  What are the priorities for a company when it comes to implementing the system?  How will the users use the system and use it properly?  What will motivate people to actually use the system?

And, what the heck do you want the CRM to do?

First, go ahead and download this: CRM Sales Stage Swim lane diagram for PowerPoint.

Once you have that document open go ahead and check out this video, which is recorded webinar, from a couple of weeks ago to help you get started with documenting your process.